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released October 3, 2016

David Dodini - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Virtual Instruments
Raquy Danziger - Dumbek
Jason Gianni - Drums
Gary Pickard - Flute; Saxophone

Produced By: David Dodini
Mixed By: Sahaj Ticotin
Mastered By: Paul Logus at Taloowa Mastering
Album Artwork and Booklet Design By: Jamie Koala
Inner Sleeve Photography By: Max R. Sequeira

All Music, Lyrics and Arrangements By: David Allan Dodini
Copyright 2016 David Allan Dodini/Middens Music. All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


ORISSA New York, New York

I am David. These are my sonic novels.

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Track Name: Tara
Head in my hands
Tears roll down
Lost, I drown in vast oceans
Bound by devotion to names and identities

Flames, flowing and rolling down, fill my eyes

Time for the end, I chose to begin
Alone, reliving my sins
Afraid to follow a heart bedeviled
My mind making hells of heaven

Alone I’m falling
With only the name of the savior I’m calling
The vows I broke
For riches followed
My pride can’t fill this hollow
I keep calling
Will she pull me from these flames

Dragged down, by my hands again
To hallowed ground
Where I hear self doubts confessing
A profane chorus blessing
The sacred prayers of the vain and Godless

Lost, drown by the sacred sounds of my mind

Cast to the winds
Another battle ends
Victory to the treasons
Masked as my reasons
They circle and surround
To know myself is to know my enemy

I keep turning, in endless circles
In floods and flames I’m drowning
I recall the name of a savior
I must have fallen to surrender
To be rapt in her wings

Eyes blazing
Mazes fade
Blades waving
Haze cleared away
Red angel
Come pull me from the penance I’ve chosen
Endless rings of thieves and snakes and demons

Turning, endless circles
Burning, in this circle
Turning, endless circles
Burning embers hold the answers
Coming around to find me
To end this cycle

Red angel come rescue me
Hear my cries
They say you come running
To the penitent, the willing
Born in mourning, when indolence fades

I must have fallen into this circle
To recognize and call the name of the one
Who will wrap me in her wings
The savior who’ll deliver me from these flames
Track Name: Resurrection
Your shadow rises
It comes to steal the light, and kill the comfort of my promise
To fill the wreckage of my refuge

I am tired of being weary, of bearing burdens
A light once shining, now apologizing
I must go below, the still beneath the deep

I have buried you
Down in a cradle
Deep in a tomb
Nourished by my light
Your poisons bloom

I have covered you with laughter
I have stabbed you with a kiss
I have smothered you with sweet songs
To serenade the dissonance
Still the stone won’t roll away

At center stage appearing certain
I hide the hole I call a triumph
It thrills the house filled with eyes abandoned
While you take your bows behind the curtain

I can’t rise up
Holding you down, is keeping me bound
A star once rising, now compromising
I confused a burial with salvation

I’ll unbury you
Opened, torn wide
Reaching inside
I will raise you, I’ll hold you high

All cold, cruel shadows live feeding on lights that glow
Your shadow proves there is a light below

I’ll lift you and hold you high
Kiss the shroud’s cool face
I’ll lift you and hold you high
We’ll greet then part our ways

I’ll lift you and free the light
Pain will conquer fear
I’ll lift you and see the light
A shadow will disappear
I’ll lift you and free the light
Shining pure and clear.

I’ll unbury you
Opened, held wide
Reaching inside
I will raise you, I’ll hold you high

A stone will roll, a shadow fade, a light will rise and shine.
Track Name: Shades Of Grey
Black and white
Night and day
Sin and virtue
The hunter the prey
Tell me, whose God’s the one to say

This garden’s vespers are rising on the winds
Pity, she prays
May this sunrise
Reveal the shades of grey

One or zero
Pure reason or faith
Villain or hero
Damnation or praise
Tell me, why must we see two ways

This garden’s vespers
Are rising on the winds
Pity, she prays
May this sunrise
Reveal the shades of grey

We walk these roads
Confined to one side or another

Everyone can hear ...
Anyone can hear ...

For those who listen
She unveils the vision
For those who listen
No more lines of division
For those who listen
She quells the fires of the fission
For those who listen
She unveils the vision

This garden’s vespers
Are rising on the winds
Pity, she prays
May this sunrise
Reveal the shades of grey
Track Name: Dissolution
Breathe in
Bathe in the fire’s sensations

Hold tight
Rapture’s invitations

Tonight I will take you
To endless portals
I will lead the way

Tumbling together
Tongues and limbs entwined
Following the rivers
Through gates to the divine

One desire
Called two names
One to follow
One to lead the way

Just let go and
We will fade
Two white fires
Now one flame

Surrender, let it fade
Surrender, fade away

Falling off the precipice
Letting go of what to be
Free from all identities
A little death can bring ecstasy

Exalted songs ring in my ears
Eyes ablaze below
Gazing down into the mirrors
Ignited and exposed

Tonight, we will break through
Lose our fears of the Great Truth
We’ll receive the Muse

Winding up the stairways
Beyond all that we know
Passing through each doorway
Afraid but letting go

One desire
Calls two names
We must follow
To find the way

Just let go
We will fade
Two white fires
Now one flame

Surrender, let it fade
Surrender, fade away

Beyond each little death
We’ll be embalmed in ecstasy

Aroused as we arrive
The shadows in our eyes
Dance and come alive

Near the flames
We grow afraid
Of all we cannot name
Of falling to the grave

Still alive
Fading away
Blessed with a memory

Recall the essence
A fall can bring
To fall an angel
I burn my wings

We stand out on the edge
Beyond the gates
Welcome the darkness
To light the way

Jump and Tumble

Come, take my hand
I understand
I too fled the terror
Of breaking all the tethers

Now I’m one with my nature
I will lead the way
Take my hand, I understand
We all fear the falls that last forever

Fade away
Release and fade
Track Name: Psalm I
I wade into the waters
Bathed in morning rays
My reflections rippling
Through the pools of jade
This womb is still and soothing
Free from thought’s cruel maze
Free from burning ashes
The fires fade away

I’m ready for the Goddess
To come to me again
The one whose wiles enchanting
Can smile and stop the rain
Whose healing hands upon me
Make pieces whole again
I’ll lay down on her altar
I’ll lay a life down bare
Touched by an angel
Touched by a prayer

Calling me
Glorious dreams

Tenfold from one seed
This dream, this song I sing

Tenfold, she’s returning
To fill her cup a heart has opened
Tenfold, she is coming
To hear words freed that must be spoken
Tenfold, worlds turning
Where love needs no tokens
Tenfold, heavens stirring
We will rise from chains we’ve broken

Tenfold, once a dream
Once a song I freed

Take wing
Fly away
Take wing
Light the way

Tonight beneath the moon
The seeds of song have bloomed
Behold her body’s incantations
Behold her eyes’ divinations

I’m drawn deep into those dreams
Lost in the clarity
Desire our sole vow
The flames where we are bound
Two strands, two hearts together

We are one
Track Name: Verse V
Imagine nothing
Oh, can you imagine, everything
We’ve merely imagined
Another million lifetimes, passing in a sigh
Brothers reunited, embrace in the light

Every mirror holds the faces
Father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son
It’s time to part with all traces
The visions the seer has become
Time to cross the river
Greet the setting sun
Time to bring an offering
A coin under my tongue
The boatman’s oars salute the shores
A new dream has begun

Will I see my choices
Or patterns chiseled in stone?
Will I cling to destinies
Bound by blood and bone?
Will I drown my dreams in the fictions
Spun from the fears that my glory will unfold?

Voices calling, “Hey! Noble One!”
This time I won’t err and fail to see he lies within
With my hands the hand of God will realize all my whims
I will revel in each fall from grace
I’ll relish all my sins.
I hear the cry, “Hey! Noble One!”
This time I will recognize, I am worthy to be called

I will rise, clear my eye, awakened to the dreaming

With the winds cessation
Dawns this between
My patterns of perception
Conjure paupers and kings
My truths, my deceptions
Forge the worlds I see
May truth light all inceptions
In life, in death, in dream

I won’t squander this chance in this between
I won’t lay down, I won’t wander
I’ll recognize this dream

All beauty will tantalize me
Each terror may paralyze me
As I live and love and laugh and cry
I’ll hold one eye beyond the thralls of hallucination

Now I rise, clear my eye, lucid in the dreams I’m weaving

I sail, a vessel
On oceans of dreams
Flowing and weaving
Connecting all streams

I won’t squander this chance in this between
Track Name: Blue Communion
The sun is shining
Falling all around
You and I alone and naked, rise above the ground

I feel you wrapped around me
Fingers trace my spine
Nothing but this moment
No more yours or mine

Grace flares
A flame once red now pure and blue
Dancing, turning

In prayer
Two souls stripped bare revealing truths
Rivers deepened
Open. Flowing. Glowing. Alive.

Heavens invite stars to unite
Sanctified, flesh ignites
Two pure blue lights
Unveiled. Divine.

Souls combine
Enraptured and illumined
Every strand alive
Reciprocating, ravishing

Here, held in heaven’s arms
Blue hued cosmic streams gleaming
Facing the loveliest of angels
Two souls divine and beaming

Lifting your cup
High above my head
Your soothing pour flows
Bathing my lips
I’m healed and whole again

I feel the rays of adoration
When your eyes shine on me
A love as pure as waters from a spring
To cherish tenderly

Who could know
That words unspoken
Would lead to memories
To broken hearts and lonely homes
Forsaken and betrayed by beliefs

Patterns. Echos. Traces.
Pillars of temples etched in me

Silent sermons
Altars burning
From the ashes revelations

A God is a man whose chosen to see himself as worthy
Deserving of the Goddess, who shelters his heart in her hands

Finding my strength
Moving through my weakness
Finding truths

Climbing stairways
Every step a clue
Finding doorways
Worlds call me to
Step out, fall through

Lifetimes in search of that feeling
Enough to stand alone, but made whole joined with you
Winding all paths to the spirit
The soul I once met now held by flesh formed as you
Our bond cannot be broken, or severed by our walls
Across the oceans, across all time
We follow heaven’s call

I have been searching, deep through my soul’s every kingdom
Searching for words and a song, to paint a picture of perfection
Words to depict the beauty, of the light behind your eyes
That take me to lost in our laughter, to worlds lost with my angel

No thought, no word, no image
Apt to describe your beauty

I’ll trade words and the perfect song
To love you, touch you, taste you through flesh again

Heavenly lights, lost reunite
Sanctified, in the night
Flesh reignites
Baptized. Sublime.

Souls combine
Pulsing in communion
Every strand alive

Here, held in heaven’s arms
Blue hued cosmic streams gleaming
Facing the loveliest of angels
Two souls divine and beaming

Oh, my angel … ...

Wrapped around me
Warmed in your wings
Tasting your lips
Burning blue with you again