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released June 28, 2013

David Dodini: Vocals; Guitar; Bass; Keyboards
Jason Gianni: Drums
Patrick Derivaz: Recording and Mixing Engineer
Produced by David Dodini and Patrick Derivaz
All lyrics, music and arrangements by David Dodini



all rights reserved


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ORISSA New York, New York

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Track Name: Prodigal Sun
Prodigal Sun

Called away
Into the empty winds
Just as the dawn
Shined on the open roads.
Tears and prayers
Are falling
Cries to the Gods we’ve praised
Fall as silent as the winter snow.

Though father forsakes me
By finding my own way
I found his blessing.

From empty shrines
The departed are returning
The dawn is calling

Swing low
My sweet chariot
Come, carry me back home

Upon this pyre
I sail the rivers
Behold my light
Returning to the giver

Cast outside the walls
The keys hang alone
A father’s precious jewel
Held in a heart of stone

Conform and hold to the line
Conform or live with the consequence
Forgive, keep bending the line
Forgive or live with the consequences

Letting go
I see.
My spirit’s free to find the way
back home.

Beyond the fire
Beyond the rivers
I am the light
A wayward sun, delivered

Heartfelt words and understanding
Will break the walls that hold our sorrows
Pardons the potion for all souls
Who’ve lost the way and parted

When time’s calling comes
Come join your son
Let’s forgive all wrongs
I’ve prepared a feast of welcome

Swing low
My sweet chariot
Come carry me back home.

Beyond the fires
Beyond the rivers
Behold my light
Burning on forever

When your pyre sails away
Untethered may you find your way and burn with me.
Track Name: The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule

You have.
I don’t.
You’ll bleed.
I won’t.

Thirst screams as the time keeps on ticking
The weak in full bloom best start picking.
Headed straight to the grave empty handed
Unless I do as he does not as he commanded

There is no mystery
Who makes the rules, breaks them
He gave me the will and means
Only consequence restrains me

A knife in the back.
A jab to the throat.
I’ll take what I want
Don’t think I won’t.
While your standing in line for some broken bread
I’ll live by the rule as he taught me instead

Do unto others
As father has done unto you
Do unto others
As much as he gave you the means
to do.

We have.
They don’t.
They’ll break.
We won’t.

All this craving and wanting, who planted these seeds?
Malnourished disciples, he made us have needs.
Our creed is that cry that lies at our core
Why believe when our might proves our right to more

It’s clear to all who see
Who makes the rules, breaks them
He gave me the will and means
A conscience can’t restrain me

Bombs from the sky
Boots on their throat
We do what we want
We take what they won’t
Banished and sentenced to limited time
This wretched creation I’m told is a crime

Do unto others
All that you can do
Do unto others
As father has done unto you

The sands are falling.
The hands once crawling
Are running away.
Unraveling me.

What hand divine
Would give a gift so precious?
Grant some time,
Then take it all away.

The gall to grant forgiveness
He made me in his image
Who should beg forgiveness?
He made me in his image.

If he can take his own son.
Why can’t I take a few crumbs?
If he abandons his sons
Why can’t I take a few crumbs?

Do unto others
Do unto others
Do unto others
Do unto others
Just as he has done unto you.